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Social Media

We provide in social media marketing, analysis, creative design, writing, on and off line presentation, strategy and operations, and leadership skills to build follower and customer base across relevant social media channels for our online company.  

  • Community management skills with the ability to connect with customers
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) skills that will increase company website visibility online including keyword analysis, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO
  • Creative design skills including product design and photoshop skills
  • Polished writer with experience writing blogs, white papers and books
  • Comfortable with emerging trends and technology including following breaking industry news, product trends, and new industry ideas
  • Analytical mind focused on sales and marketing for our company
  • Strategic vision with the goal of bring our company to be number one on google searches
  • Tactical awareness with understanding of the operational tactics needed to achieve the  strategic vision
  • Presentation ability including summarizing data through statistics, figures, tables, ppt, Prezi and presenting key points and relevant budget
  • Leadership qualities including commitment, humor, clear, concise, adaptable, and a natural problem-solving

Executive Coaching

We can coach one-to-one or in groups to help people achieve more fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. This may include coaching on time management, goal setting, balancing work and home, or determining how to focus on activities that are personally and professionally rewarding in and out of the workplace. Click here for more information.

Executive, Board and Staff Development

Ongoing process of building and developing a team of directors and or staff that will preserve and enhance the character, growth, and influence of the organization and maximize its contribution in the lives of people and in the community it serves. This process can include evaluation of team performance, training and education of group members, identification of needed skills and talents, identify team dynamics, build team skills and awareness, and hold dialogues to move the team into alignment with the organization’s needsgroup dynamics, etc.  

Strategic, Succession, and Merger Planning

Process of formulating the purpose and objectives of the organization, establishing long-term goals and action plans to achieve those objectives.  We can help you: 

  • Clarify your vision and mission - provide support to an organization to develop its overall direction and purpose
  • Identify strategies to achieve the mission- define the long-term goals for the organization, including analysis of key issues, options, assessment, and recommendations
  • Program planning - articulate a coherent set of programs that advance the overall mission of the organization

Cultural Competency 

Understanding and learning how to work more effectively with all members of the community. We can help your organization improve its cultural sensitivity/ competency and thereby improve organizational climate. Click here for more information.

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